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The private investigators from D-Tect Investigations, specializes in conducting investigations in Israel and abroad in various areas of investigation such as competitive and defensive business intelligence, economic investigations, locating property and assets, exposing fraud in divorce cases, employee surveillance and depreciation, polygraph tests and more. With years of experience, we will be happy to be at your disposal for a consultation and guidance. Contact us with complete discretion 050-5501024! 


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Business Intelligence services and Investigative Due Diligence

Knowledge is power: Make sure you have all the knowledge your business needs!

Doing business nowadays requires so much more than just selling good products at a good price. The world is fast becoming one big market and acquiring business intelligence is more vital than it has ever been before. You need to know, at any given moment: What is your competition up to? What new markets are emerging? Who can you do business with? Who you must keep away from? What are your weaknesses? Does anyone take unfair advantage of your efforts, and so much more…

Who are you doing business with?

In the “global village” that our world has now become, there are literally thousands of international business opportunities that could not even be dreamt of until not long ago.

High-speed internet and state-of-the-art communication facilities have made it easy for us to communicate with potential partners and associates, all over the world, and do business with them. Buyers, franchisees, representatives and investors are all just a click away…

But with the good also comes the bad and, in more than a few cases, those businessmen who show interest in doing business with us, might prove to be people that are well worth staying away from…

Forming a business relationship with a third party can make or break your business - There is no question about it: The right partner, investor, or franchisee can do miracles to your business's expansion, but who can guarantee you that the person you are dealing with is, indeed, the right partner? The risks are too high to be neglected, or overseen!

How much do you really know about the people, or the entity you are about to do business with? Their financial records, their debts, their legal situation, their reputation, or scandals they were involved in, and so on and so forth…

You must have correct and coherent information about the person, or the company you want to deal with, in order to make a rational decision that will minimize the potential risks, and that is why it is so important to hire the services of a business intelligence professional, who you can trust to provide you all the information you need.

D-Tect Investigations professional and well experienced investigators will do just that! With an extensive international network of due diligence specialists and access to in-depth information, almost anywhere on earth, we can provide you a clear and comprehensive picture of the third party you wish to deal with, so the decision you make is based on facts, rather than on wishful thinking…

How else can good business intelligence be vital to your business?

Correct, Coherent and Comprehensive information – The key to success!

Whether you wish to improve your position in your existing market, or to break into new markets, you need to know a lot about your competitors and clients, in order to come up with the right strategy:

- What do your competitors have in mind? Are they about to launch a new product, or a new campaign?
- Are there any newcomers you should know of?
- What products in the marketplace are worth taking note of?
- Who are the clients you should try to approach?

With years of successful experience in business intelligence, our competitive intelligence investigators can gather vital information about your competitors and your market that will assist you greatly in making the right decisions.

Brand protection also helps you to keep unwanted people out of your business!

While the global marketplace and the increasing competition have brought a lot of benefit (mainly to consumers), they also brought their fair share of problems and impairments, especially unfair competition and Industrial espionage that can cause immeasurable damages to companies and even bring them to the brink of bankruptcy!

From corrupted employees, who sell your company's confidential information, to an unfair competitor, who bribes in order to win a bid, or a contract, and from forgers, who counterfeit your products, to spies who know all about your business plans and jeopardize your new launch…

Unfair competition and Industrial espionage can be a real hell! We will help you to fight them.

Our experienced investigation services company will not only help you to trace the source of the problem, but also to gather the necessary evidence in order to prepare a litigation and/or lodge a complaint at the police station.

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