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When the whereabouts of suspected counterfeit products have already been identified, our anti-counterfeiting investigations usually involve the following:


Obtaining sources of information regarding involvement of specific subjects in illegal counterfeit operations.


Identifying the sale chain from the end seller to the source that distributing the counterfeit product and collecting evidence in order to expose the illegal products manufacturers.


Conduct sting operations in order to get offers to supply us with counterfeit products that will be used later on as evidence of illegal actions.


In addition, we conduct a background and assets tracing investigations on subjects/manufacturers that are involved in counterfeit products. In that task we will find ownership of assets (such as factories/vehicles/capital ect). That information will be very valuable when legal civil or criminal actions will be taken against the violators.


Here at D-Tect we are highly experience in addressing and resolving a wide variety of brand protection issues.


Our investigative services include:


Market surveys, market research and evidence collection

Market penetration studies

Anti-counterfeit intelligence gathering and database management

Brands Protection investigations and raid action coordination

Customs communication and coordination

Due diligence comprehensive assets investigations into suppliers, distributors and manufactures

Cooperating with international IP task forces

Anti-counterfeiting publicity campaigns coordination






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