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The private investigators from D-Tect Investigations, specializes in conducting investigations in Israel and abroad in various areas of investigation such as competitive and defensive business intelligence, economic investigations, locating property and assets, exposing fraud in divorce cases, employee surveillance and depreciation, polygraph tests and more. With years of experience, we will be happy to be at your disposal for a consultation and guidance. Contact us with complete discretion 050-5501024! 


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D-Tect Private Investigator & Detectives services in Israel

Getting the answers that you’re looking for can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. That is, it is tricky to keep an eye on everything that you need to at one time because there are so many things to do in your life. If you are looking to have a professional do some quality and discrete services for you in private investigation, check us out. We are a reputable and quality organization that specifically works on helping you with all of your needs in terms of observation. Here are some of the great things that we can offer you to take care of your needs.


Whether you’re looking for private investigator services for business needs or professional, you’ll find that all of what you need will be given to you with the level of detail that you are going to expect when you hire a professional and experienced company. Once we know what exactly you are looking for us to investigate, we’ll make sure that we stay on task and give you all of the detail that you are looking for to give you the best knowledge that we can. We believe that the customer needs to be fully informed on the matters that they come to us about, so we offer this level of detail to make sure that this is the case.


From the way that we conduct ourselves, to our resources that we use and everything in between, you’ll find professionalism in all that we do. We are proud of the way that we run our business and we are hoping that you are going to see just how seriously we take the quality of the work that we do. It is our goal that when you see the way we do our business, and the content that we get to you, you’ll understand just how critical professionalism is and that we can give you all that you are looking for.

Quality Work Delivered

From a big to small task, we will always give you quality work that is going to make you incredibly happy and relieved so that you are able to see the quality for what it is. We are always hopeful to help you get the answers to the questions that you asked us to look at, and we deliver everything to you with as much detail as possible. When it isn’t possible to get you the answers you’re looking for - very rarely - it is important to note that we will give you all of the information that we do have so that you can take on the world with what we’ve been able to dig up.


We understand that you’re looking to check out a business deal or a business relation with absolute discretion, so we guarantee that our business and all of our investigators will be carefully trained and conducted in such a way so that discretion is our main priority. We understand that you are here to make sure that you do your due diligence before getting into relations with a corporation and you need to make sure that you know all you need to know before making a deal. We’ll get you the information that you need, when you need it, and with a level of discretion in how we conduct ourselves as well as keeping your results private and confidential that is going to impress and make you see just why are are as particular as we are. We want to always offer you all of the best things that we can.


You’re here because you want results fast and you want them to have all of the detail that you’re requesting. We get that, so we offer great services at a speed that is going to impress you in many ways that will help you make the most out of your needs, our services, and that tight timeline that is worrying you. Allow us to work with you hand in hand so that we can help you out with your needs. We look forward to helping out with your timeline and will help you get everything done that you are looking for.


We are proud to offer our experience to you in the services that we offer, both as far as customer service goes, and in the observation and investigation that we will do for you as a professional. We understand that you are trusting us to always make sure that we are working at top-notch quality, so allow us to continue to assure you that we learn from each job that we do so that we can keep on serving you in incredible ways that are going to help you realize just how seriously we take our professions


We are all about making sure that your customer needs are taken care of, so we offer superior customer service so that you can always know that you come first. We are here to always serve you in the best way possible, so if you are not happy about something, make sure that you communicate it to us so that we can always improve our business and our relationship with clients. You’ll love what you get from our business, and we’ll love having you as clients.

Everyone's needs are different when it comes to hiring a private investigator or a brand protection company for professional or personal reasons, we are excited to share our services with you so that you can see whether or not your needs will match up. We are excited to work with you for whatever needs you have, and even if you are not sure what exactly you’re looking for, we can sit down with you and help you figure out that, too. From start to finish, we are there to help you with all of your needs so that you can have the knowledge you need, and we can offer great service to people who cherish it accordingly.



Contact D-Tect Intelligence & Investigations at ISR 972-505501024, 972-3-5750715 or send us an email through the contact us form, for a free, discreet consultation – when you need to know

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