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Polygraph Investigation Services

A polygraph allows investigators and law enforcement to determine whether the person being interviewed is telling the truth or not. Invented in the 20thcentury, the device works by reading physical reactions. A polygraph test can be used to confirm a specific inquiry or as a general credibility check.

Test executed

Electrodes are placed on the person being interrogated, indicating the involuntary physical reactions that indicate whether they are telling the truth. These indicators include increased blood pressure, a faster pulse, and other physical changes, all of which can be detected by the polygraph.

Using the Polygraph

The polygraph is most commonly used by policemen during criminal investigations. Insurance and credit card companies use the polygraph when they sue or they're being sued. Many private companies and organizations-especially in the fields of money, security, or military-require potential workers to take a polygraph test. The lie detector tests are usually conducted by authorized personnel from a security company or Intelligence & Investigations company.

Court confirmation to perform a polygraph test

The court can order a polygraph test as part of an ongoing investigation or case. In the event that a private company wants the test as part of a pre-employment check, there is no need for a court order/

Conducting a polygraph test

A polygraph test can be instrumental in uncovering falsehoods or confirming the accuracy of information. Some businesses require their employees to take periodic polygraph tests as a means of preventing illicit behavior

The kind of questions are asked during a polygraph test

The questions asked during a test vary widely based on the type of information the interviewing entity wants to know.

Conducting the Polygraph test

A polygraph test must occur at an authorized location. A member of law enforcement conducts all police-related tests, but work-related testing or interrogations are performed by an investigation office.

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