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The private investigators from D-Tect Investigations, specializes in conducting investigations in Israel and abroad in various areas of investigation such as competitive and defensive business intelligence, economic investigations, locating property and assets, exposing fraud in divorce cases, employee surveillance and depreciation, polygraph tests and more. With years of experience, we will be happy to be at your disposal for a consultation and guidance. Contact us with complete discretion 050-5501024! 


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Brand protection Methodology



When we usually start a case of counterfeit product, we run a market survey in order to assess the widespread level of counterfeit distribution in Israel and in any given area, anywhere in the world.


The next stage is to start a covert operation on specific targets in order to identify the source and distributors of that specific counterfeit product.


D-Tect staff is very experienced and effective in the investigation of intellectual property violations. Our agents conduct undercover field activity to identify product and counterfeiting operations, other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels.


Our main purpose is to ascertain the identification, background and associations of violators as well as their sources and method of operation.


When we have the evidences that are documented in photos and undercover recordings (depend off the laws of the country where we operated), we address upon demand of our clients, the law enforcement authorities and we work with them toward search and seizure actions.












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