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Israel Brand Market Survey

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We usually start a campaign with a market survey in order to get knowledge of the widespread of a specific counterfeit product in any given area in Israel and throughout the world.


This process is done in order to locate sellers of counterfeit products, and to evaluate the widespread level of a specific counterfeit product in a specific area.


During that stage our personal aims to achieve the following:


To determine the presence, nature and extent of counterfeit products in the market we will start our process in collecting of empty discarded samples of specific products in logical zones where that product is being widely used.


We collect in an entire city, region or state depending on our client needs. After the samples are organized and packed, they are sent to our clients for evaluation.


after determine the areas that contains massive samples of counterfeit products, our next step is to conduct a mystery shopping operation in shops and establishments that sell those products in order to identify which are the ones that engaged in the sale of products that are suspected of being counterfeit or violating IP rights.


After determine which establishments are involved in selling counterfeit products, we will get into the process of collecting information in order obtain the identity of main manufacturer and distributors of that specific counterfeit product.


That stage of our investigation is done by experienced personals that collect incriminating evidence to help our clients and authorities to proceed with search and seizure of illegal products and taking legal actions.





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