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The private investigators from D-Tect Investigations, specializes in conducting investigations in Israel and abroad in various areas of investigation such as competitive and defensive business intelligence, economic investigations, locating property and assets, exposing fraud in divorce cases, employee surveillance and depreciation, polygraph tests and more. With years of experience, we will be happy to be at your disposal for a consultation and guidance. Contact us with complete discretion 050-5501024! 


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Israel Private & Corporate Intelligence & Investigations Service

D-Tect® - Certified Professional Investigator

D-Tect® Intelligence & Investigations is a private investigations agency In Israel. Licensed by the Justice Department of Israel, the agency operates according to the 1972 law for private investigators and protection services

The agency director, a professional private investigator with over 20 years of investigative experience, has managed hundreds of security and intelligence cases around the world, and was a key investigator in many high-profile special investigations in Israel and abroad

Our team of corporate private investigators and professional detectives has many years of combined experience, specializing in a variety of investigative fields. Some are veterans of customs, police and various intelligence units

D-Tect® Intelligence & Investigations operates in a professional, ethical manner, conducting every investigation with careful consideration of budget, timeline, and discretion

The investigations and intelligence business is a dynamic, constantly evolving industry. At Israel Investigations, we strive to approach each case with innovation and creativity to achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We place a high value on professionalism, reliability, and absolute discretion, as well as consistently courteous service

Our agency has two branches located in Ramat Gan and Rishon LeZion, and we operate across the country and abroad. We maintain close working relationships with information and intelligence agencies throughout the world, in order to provide exceptional and diverse service to our customers. Our clients include small businesses, large corporations, factories, legal practices, and private clients of all kinds

In addition to conducting intelligence, asset investigation services, brand protection and private investigations, we also offer courses on investigations, tracking, intelligence, and undercover operations, and we sell state-of-the-art investigative equipment

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve your case in a quick, effective manner

Contact D-Tect Intelligence & Investigations at ISR 972-505501024, 972-3-5750715 or send us an email through the contact us form, for a free, discreet consultation – when you need to know

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