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Intellectual property | brand protection in Israel

Protecting your business's most valuable and vulnerable assets.

Most of you probably remember "Seinfeld", isn't it? Well, those of you who used to watch the popular sitcom series would never forget the episode about the "Soup Nazi": A wacky restaurateur that used to terrify his customers, who were ready to take any abuse from him, just so that they can enjoy his heavenly Mulligatawny…

At the end of this unforgettable episode, Elaine accidentally finds all of his secret recipes in an old armoire. She exposes them publicly and the "Soup Nazi" has no choice but to close down his business and run away to Argentina…

So… What made me suddenly remember Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" and his secret recipes? Very simple: It is one of the best examples of how valuable and vulnerable our can our intellectual assets can be and how we must protect them, if we don't want to be out of business…

Now this is not funny anymore... You see, if someone breaks into your business and steals some cash, or equipment, it can cause a great deal of discomfort, but if somebody makes an unauthorized use of your intellectual property, the consequences can be catastrophic!

What are intellectual properties anyway and what makes them so valuable?

Just as every business has physical assets like vehicles, photocopiers, machinery and stock, every business has Intangible assets, such as its brand names, logo, recipes, designs, slogans, formulas, patents and so on, and although these properties cannot be seen, or touched, they are in many cases more precious than any vehicle or equipment our business owns.

Just think about it…

  • What would Coca-Cola be if anyone in the world will know its secret formula?
  • What will happen to McDonald's if every fast food business on earth was allowed to use their name and their big M logo?
  • Do you know how much losses are incurred by the film industry each year due to distribution of pirated copies?

Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonald's, Levi's, Max Mara, Breitling, Toyota, Apple and millions of other large and small businesses across the globe make their fortune thanks to their intellectual property and are ready to do whatever it takes to protect it!

You see, when somebody makes an unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights, they harm your business in two different ways:

  1. They prevent you from making profits which you deserve! You worked hard to build your brand name, to invent your secret recipe, to develop software, or to design your line of posters and you are the only one who is entitled to enjoy the profits!
  2. They damage your reputation: In most cases, fakes and counterfeit products are of inferior quality, compared to the original. Unsatisfied customers might think your products are not as good as they used to be, and your brand reputation will be affected.

D-Tect Investigations internationally experienced private investigators will assist in your brand protection investigations and intellectual property! Not only will we trace the unauthorized uses of your intellectual property, but we shall also gather evidence for you, to assist you to prepare litigation and will also help in Data Breach Response Investigative Services.

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