D-Tect® in Israel
   החוקרים הפרטיים ממשרד חקירות דיטקט מומחים בביצוע חקירות בארץ ובחו"ל בתחומי חקירות שונים כמודיעין עסקי תחרותי והגנתי, חקירות כלכליות
   ואיתור רכוש ונכסים, חשיפת בגידות בתיקי גירושין, מעקבי עובדים ומניעת פחת, בדיקות פוליגרף ועוד. מנהל המשרד חוקר פרטי בעל ותק של למעלה
   מ20 שנות ניסיון ישמח לעמוד לרשותכם לשיחת ייעוץ והכוונה.  פנו אלינו בדיסקרטיות מלאה 050-5501024 ! 

D-Tect Investigations

צרו איתנו קשר

International Private Detective Agency

D-Tect® Investigations Agency is licensed by the Justice Department of Israel and operates under the 1972 law for private investigators and protection services.

Our team of private detectives and professional detectives has many years of experience spanning a variety of fields. Some are veterans of various special units.

D-Tect® operates in a professional, ethical manner, conducting every investigation within the target budget and timeline, while maintaining precise attention to detail.

The investigations and intelligence business is a dynamic, constantly evolving industry. At Israel Investigations, we strive to approach each case with innovation and creativity to achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We place a high value on professionalism, reliability, and absolute discretion, as well as consistently courteous service.


To learn more about personal investigation agency in Israel, contact us for a discreet consultation!


Our agency has two branches located in Ramat Gan and Rishon LeZion, and also operates across the country and abroad. We maintain close working relationships with information and intelligence agencies around the world, in order to provide exceptional customer service.

We serve small businesses, private organizations, factories, law offices, and other types of clients.

In addition to gathering intelligence and conducting corporate investigations , private investigations , the agency also offers courses and workshops on investigations, tracking, intelligence, and undercover operations, and also sells related investigative equipment.


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