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The private investigators from D-Tect Investigations, specializes in conducting investigations in Israel and abroad in various areas of investigation such as competitive and defensive business intelligence, economic investigations, locating property and assets, exposing fraud in divorce cases, employee surveillance and depreciation, polygraph tests and more. With years of experience, we will be happy to be at your disposal for a consultation and guidance. Contact us with complete discretion 050-5501024! 


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Professional Private eye detective

Looking for a reliable, high-quality private detective in Israel ? Need a Private Eye to get the right information ? Looking for a private detective in Israel?

D-Tect® Intelligence & Investigations is an Israeli-based Private Investigator & Detectives services agency, licensed by the Justice Department of Israel. The company operates according to the 1972 law for private investigators and protection services

The agency's director is well-known in the investigations business, with more than 20 years of experience gathering information and leading complex investigations in Israel and abroad

Since 1990, our experienced team has been provided high-caliber investigative services to private companies, government agencies, and private clients. The agency personnel work in all parts of the country and abroad.Over the years, we have acquired expertise in collecting many types of evidence using various methods, while maintaining the ethical code of the Institute of Private Investigators in Israel. For the full duration of every case, we emphasize customer confidentiality, professional service and support, and meticulous attention to detail. D-Tect private investigators specialize in investigating infidelity, conducting surveillance, conducting corporate investigations, anti-espionage techniques, examining wiretapping at facilities, locating people, tracing assets, and more.Our Israeli investigators have built a solid reputation over many years of investigative experience in Israel and abroad, with a high ratio of successfully solved cases. Most of our investigators are veterans of elite units, with focused specialties. For example, for economic marriage investigations, we provide investigators with properly matched skills and experience in those fields.

A private investigator's work involves thorough, detailed planning, avoiding the missteps or exposures that can "blow" an investigation. As soon as the client provides information, our investigators immerse themselves in the details of the case, examining information that could help the case. We have a special surveillance unit that has the determination and perseverance to wait long hours, day and night, for critical evidence to appear.Choosing an investigative service may not be an easy task. You need a company that has proven experience in the specific field, and a focus on honesty, discretion, and value.

D-Tect intelligence and special investigations agency is an investigative agency based in Israel, providing investigations all over the world.

We provide investigation services that can help you with all your needs.

We are a full-service investigative agency that has the capabilities of handling any obstacle or task you may need. We can do surveillance, special investigations, and theft recovery. Our services are affordable and come with different packages to accommodate your needs.

What do you need a private eye for?
Private detectives are agents of a professional investigative company that is hired to investigate a particular person, group, or event. They have the skills and expertise to identify and solve crimes for their clients.
 D-Tect intelligence and special investigations agency are here to provide you with the solution you need.

D-Tect Investigations is here to provide everyone with the answer they need. Do you need to find someone? Feel like someone is watching you? Have you been hacked? Looking for economic investigation? need some surveillance? These are just a few of the questions our team of experts will be able to do for you.

We are the ones who find answers to your most difficult cases
We are your partner in crime. We want to be the ones who find answers for you to those difficult cases that you can't seem to crack. You know those cases where everything is a dead end and nobody has a clue? You call us and we'll figure it out. We will do whatever it takes-even if it means going back to the drawing board-to get you an answer.


Contact D-Tect Intelligence & Investigations at ISR 972-505501024, 972-3-5750715 or send us an email through the contact us form, for a free, discreet consultation – when you need to know

To learn more about our services please check our english website Israelinvestigators

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