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D-Tect Investigations

צרו איתנו קשר

Data Breach Response and Investigative Services

Conducting Investigations in A Digital World

In today’s high-tech marketplace, online research and web tracking are often integral to an investigation. With millions of people using the computer on a daily basis—from teenagers and mothers to senior citizens and executives—an abundance of essential information can be obtained by tracking emails and other electronic materials. We’ve come a long way since the days of “bugging” telephone lines—today’s technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated, with most people corresponding through their computers, smartphones, and other devices. Critical data can be found in many different forms of electronic communication.

Investigators must obtain all information lawfully in order to use it as evidence.

Computer breaches have been on the rise in the Middle East, especially in Israel. Virtually anyone can locate all kinds of information using a computer—even without programming skills. Industrial espionage, business espionage, and other electronic security measures are essential to pinpointing and counteracting digital threats.

It can happen to you !

Every day, more and more people are impacted by data security breach. The most common examples are simple spam emails or “phishing” emails, where a bogus message is designed to resemble a legitimate email from a reputable source. These phishing emails typically request sensitive information, such as a credit card number or social security number, which is then used in identity theft or unauthorized credit card charges.

Modern security devices offer protection against the latest data breaching methods and risks of fraud or theft. If you suspect that a breach has occurred on your computer, or if you need data breach investigation or need an internet detective for hire to investigate a potential perpetrator, you need the help of an experienced and trusted Investigation agency in Israel.

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